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The deadline for entries  is likely to be 23:59 Wednesday 30th October 2019

 Please Email any questions to billcooper1@btinternet.com


VISIONS 2019 is a projected digital image trophy competition aimed at individual competitors from any PAGB affiliated club. There is the option however for 3 individuals from a club to be registered as a club team for a separate trophy. Entry fee is 5 per individual.
These web pages have
been created to accept image submissions, payment of fees and designation of club team members. This is the preferred method of submission but there is the option to enter by snail mail. As with all digital competitions, creating the correctly formatted image file title is essential (See rules). Images entered via the web will have the image title formatted automatically but, for images entered by mail, it is the responsibility of those creating the disc.
Registration of club team members can either be accomplished at the time an individual enters (by image file title) or subsequently, but before the closing date, by a club official initiating an image file title change via the web site. This applies even if the individual’s initial entry was by snail mail as long as there has been a sufficient interval to allow it to be entered into the competition’s digital file.
We aim to accept images from circa 100 individuals (including the club teams’ entries) on a first come first served basis. Each individual must enter 3 images. Images used in
previous Visions or Pre-Visions events in any format will not be eligible. Images will be judged on a pictorial basis and both individual and team trophies will be awarded on an aggregate score basis.
The event will take place on Wednesday 20th November 2019 in the Cedar & Sycamore halls at the Stanborough Centre Garston. (See Location Map). Doors will open at 7.30pm
The first two images of an individual entry will have been pre-judged and will be shown, at the start of the event with author’s name and awarded score. The third image will be judged live to determine aggregate scores and trophy winners.
Closing date for entry is Wednesday 30th October 2019. Early submission is advised.
If there is sufficient demand, a disc containing the images and scores for all three rounds will subsequently be available at a small charge.

The judge for the event will be



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