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There will be no XRR VISIONS in 2021. Thank you to all the individuals and clubs for their support and participation in past competitions.

Latest Version - CCCompnet v4.12

Various Bugs Fixed. Last season extended to 2040



Have you spent hours reformatting the file names of externally submitted images to run your round of a competition. CCRename does this for you. Simply move the images to a separate folder, specify the current and required formats and hit the button. (But it doesn’t correct filename errors for you)!

If it does save you time, please donate to support development.

New Version of File Rename

The new version of File Rename now allows you to prefix all files in a folder. It also remembers the directory last used provided you exit using the End button.

CComp is Free!

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 Version 4 gives a one click generation of Complete Results in HTML format for incorporating into your own web site - including low-res copies of the competition images. Also there is a Club Library facility.

For an example, please see XRR Results and Library (see left).

CCComp (Camera Club Competition) is a freeware image display  and library management program to facilitate Digital Image Competitions for Camera Clubs.

CCComp was originally written for the XRR Photographic Society (a member of the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs).

There are four other supporting programs:-

    CCEntry which provides a simple way to build sets of files to submit to CCComp.

    Ians Slide Show which is a simple slide show program that resizes images to fit the display and could, even, be used as an alternative to CCComp if the competition is being scored manually.

    CCResize which resizes all images within a directory - AND ALL OF IT’S SUB DIRECTORIES.

    AVComp which is a small program to improve the general presentation of a number if AVS - especially for an AV competition.

CCComp, CCEntry, Ians Slide Show, CCResize, CCRename and AVComp are all freeware,

but donations would be welcome to support ongoing development, support and administration. The software is covered by the GNU GPL license terms. I.e. it can be used, copied, distributed and incorporated in any other products in part or in its entirety freely provided that there is no commercial gain and that all associated licenses and copyrights are attributed to the copyright holders.

The software is distributed “as is” and no liability can be accepted for any  problems that may be related to it’s installation or use.

Please advise me of any bugs or any improvements you may like to see. A small amount of usage guidance and other support is free. Please contact us if you want to discuss.

I have also added three file utilities - see Utilities page.

The original version which was written in VB6 and using Freeimage is now no longer supported. Please upgrade to CCCompNET (written in VB2008).

Copyright - Ian Hooker 2008-2020