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AVComp provides a simple way of setting up an AV show especially for camera club AV competition. It does not cater for scoring etc. It simply formats a nice display screen from which to initiate the AVs - as an alternative to using Windows Explorer to initiate them.


It supports .exe (e.g. PictureToExe etc) and .wmv AVs.

To use it, just set up a new directory and copy all the AV .exes and .wmvs into it. Then, you can add .jpgs (e.g. shift PrtScn of the title page?) as thumbnails for the AVs. The jpg and exe/wmv file names must be the same. E.g. if you have an AV called My Summer Holidays.exe, you would set up a thumbnail called My Summer Holidays.jpg. The jpgs will be stretched to a 4:3 ratio. Where there are no thumbnails, the name of the file will be displayed.

Then run AVComp and select that directory and hit “GO”. You can then click on any of the thumbnails/titles to run the AVs or step through them with the Play Next (and Play Previous) buttons. Note:- only hit the thumbnail once. It takes a few seconds for the AV to start. If you hit it more than once it may start the AV twice! To close AVComp just close the window.

Files are displayed in alphabetical order. To sequence the show, you could prefix each AV name with a number or letter. Hence “01 Our Hols” will appear before “02 My Hols”. Where you use thumbnails, the sequence number would not be displayed.



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