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CCComp provides a means of setting up a digital image competition, previewing the submissions, judging and scoring the images, holding over images, reviewing winning images and printing entry and entrant certificates. It can also set up and manage a Club Image Library.

Details can be found in the help files available through the Download page of this site.

The program was developed under VB6 running in Windows 7 with Kaspersky Security Suite to protect against virus infection. It has been converted to VB.NET 2008. Both versions are being developed in parallel and  the VB.NET version will soon be available. Any perceived demand for this will accelerate availability.

Main Features:-

  • A simple Club Library facility enabling competition entries to be easily saved with a basic selection and exporting facility
  • Reformat filenames for external competitions and record which images have been used in each of those competitions.
  • Sequence images in a random order (fully random or cyclic by entrant) or by Image Title - or manually
  • Run previews by Entry or Entrant Class at a predetermined (adjustable) speed
  • Run judging sessions by Entry or Entrant Class allowing stepping forward and back
  • Facility to Hold over Entries
  • Select unscored, maximum scored or Held Entries for judging
  • Show title for a predetermined time (adjustable from 0 to 99 seconds)
  • Redisplay or hide those titles with one key stroke
  • Record the Scores
  • Accept scores with a predetermined (adjustable) maximum up to 99
  • Accept half scores
  • Allocate “Awards” such as “Best in Show” or “Starred”
  • Review top and award winning images after the show
  • Review all scores and totals after the show
  • Lock competition to prevent changes other than scoring
  • Complete Competitions to prevent changes including scoring and award allocation
  • Export detail and summary reports to a csv file for processing in Excel
  • Handle more than one class of entry (e.g. “Set” and “Open”) and enable judging by class or “All”
  • Handle more than one class of Entrant (e.g. Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
  • Distinguish between Entrant and Author which enables intra and inter club competitions
  • Print entry and entrant certificates (requires a printer, of course, but no other software)
  • Operate on a single screen system and can also take advantage of dual screen, though the single screen use should be adequate for most circumstances
  • Total scores by entrant
  • Allow the resizing (no resize, reduce only, reduce and enlarge)  of the displayed image either automatically based on the display being used, or based on a size set by the user enabling (for example) the use of a 768x768 display area
  • Resize using bicubic interpolation
  • Display at maximum size based on selected display size - or standardized to avoid landscape images from appearing larger than portrait
  • Check the naming and quantities of entries match the requirement for the competition
  • Competition Export/Import facility to allow external judging and/or the collection of entries on one PC for subsequent judging on another. This facility can also be used for backup of Competitions - v2.4
  • Support for Multiple Judges (up to 5) - v2.4
  • Works in the standard Windows sRGB colour space
  • Summarization of scores by Competition Type and Year
  • Easy update Library from competitions facility
  • Generation of HTML and reduced size, watermarked images for use on the web to publish results.
  • Generation of External Competition Tabular results a la CACC Rosebowl.
  • CCComp screen colours can be customized through Edit Standing Files.
  • Tie-break judging facility (added for Visions 2011).

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