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CCEntry provides a simple method of preparing image files for submission to CCComp via e-mail or CD or similar media.

CCComp requires standard file names for the images - to include Entrant Name, Class, Author(optional) and Title. So, CCEntry assists with file naming. I does not, however, provide any image resizing facilities.

The lack of resizing facilities in CCEntry is because:-

  1. CCComp can resize any image size to fit the display screen. Note that larger images may cause some minor performance issues  in CCComp during the shows due to delays loading up from the disk.
  2. Many image editing programs (such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, MSPaint   and PhotoImpact) have better image resizing options than are available to me.
  3. Most - if not all - Camera Club members who are likely to submit digital images will own at least one image editing program software, and know how to use it to resize an image.

The latest version (0.1) now allows the selection of multiple images.

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