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CCRename is a program written to take a selected folder, and rename all the files in that folder based on commonly used competition image file names.

I wrote it to help sort out external entries to a competition for which each club runs its own round. Once the files have been named for one club’s competition software, they can easily be renamed for the others.

To use it, copy all the image files into a dedicated folder, define the input and output file name formats and let CCRename rebuild the file names. Review the new names and, if they are OK, press the “Rename Files” button. If not, just respecify the formats and/or exit the program and correct the file names.

The program is a generic one and can be used with files other than images. It works by identifying field separators (such as “ - “ and “ by “) and then loading each field into a table. It then builds each new file name from these tables using the defined separator between each field. It allows you to specify that some of the fields will have no separator for input and/or output. In this case, “No Separator” is interpreted as a single blank separator (i.e. the field before the separator must be just “one word”). This allows you to remove and insert things like sequence numbers and club identifiers that have no space in them (such as the CACC identifiers).

The software should work OK and, if used in an extra dedicated folder will be non-destructive if it doesn’t work.

If this saves you time, please consider donating towards future development - see Download page.

If you want modifications to the program - such as different separators - please email me (ian@cccomp.org.uk).


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