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CCResize is a program written to take a selected folder, build a parallel sub-folder structure in a selected target folder and then resize all the JPEG and BMP images from the source folder and it’s sub folders into the target folder and it’s sub-folders.

The user specifies the maximum width and height in pixels and CCResize fits the resized image into that size. Images can be expanded as well as reduced but quality tests should be done before running against a large number of images.

The program uses Bicubic interpolation (via FreeImage APIs). When using JPEG, the resultant quality is equivalent to Photoshop set at a compression level of about 9. FreeImage only allows that quality or a very low quality for web images.

Most free image resize software can only resize all the images in a folder in one step, and cannot be flagged to resize images in the sub-folders.

I have not yet cracked how to interrupt the resize process so, once you start it, you can only stop it using the Windows Task Manager. The program does warn you if the resize is expected to take over 10 minutes.

(The previous version used Easy Thumbnails. This new version does not, and contains all the necessary code with the install package).

But - why would you need it? I wrote it because I wanted to create CDs and DVDs full of JPEGs to show friends (and enemies?) my photos on their DVD players/TVs. (Many DVD players will not support 6 Meg JPEGs and, anyway, TVs do not need more than about a Meg resolution - even the 1280 HD ones.)! My photos are spread over 3 folders with about 100 sub-folders, so initial creation using Easy Thumbs on its own, is tedious as it has to be done one folder at a time. Keeping it up to date is even more tedious. I now simply run CCResize against each of my three main folders to resize all my photos. It takes a while for 10,000 photos (c 2 photos a second on my PC), but whilst it’s doing it I can go out and take some more pictures!! CCResize overwrites all previous resizes so automatically updates any changes I’ve made to any photos. (It does not delete files though so, I usually delete all the target directory copies before running CCResize). I also use it to create a similar set of files for an SD card for my organizer.

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