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A CD copy of the downloadable files can be sent for a fee of 2 (to cover costs). The evaluation version of CCComp differs from the main version only in that an “Evaluation Software” messages flashes periodically on the competition screen. The message can be removed by registering your usage by e-mail to us. We will then send a license key. All the products are free but any donation, however small, would be gratefully received.

If/when you wish to make a donation. please click the button below and you will be transferred to Paypal where you can pay from your Paypal account (if you have one), or from a credit card via a Secure Server.

To install, firstly, remove any existing version of the program, then download the setup package zip file into any directory, unzip the files into any directory (Temp is recommended) and run setup.exe.

CCCompNET 4.12 Software Setup Package (.NET)

22nd September 2017

This latest version extends the life of CCComp to 2040!!

Download lightbox.js JavaScript File

This JavaScript enables the HTML built by CCComp to show images in a separate window. LightBox was written by Lokesh Dhakar

Download sorttable.js JavaScript File

This JavaScript enables the HTML built by CCComp to sort by column. Sorttable was written by Stuart Langridge.

CCEntry v0.1.1 Software Setup Package

21st October 2006

Download .chm Help File

View .pdf Help File

AVComp v1.0 Setup

20th May 2007

CCRename Software Setup Package

11th January 2010


11th January 2010

CCResize v1.1

1st September 2009

CC Image Loader

Ian’s Slide Show v2.1 Software Setup Package

22nd May 2007

Text To Image Software Setup Package

1st June 2013

File Utilities

These utilities are transferred as .exe files to be executed as is. They do not need “installing”.

File Lister

31st May 2007

File Rename

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