Installation FAQs

When installing CCComp, a message asking if I want to overwrite an existing newer version of the file. What should I do.

CCComp is written in an older version of VB (VB6) in order that it is compatible with other older PCs. If you have received an overwrite newer version warning, it is likely that you are running a more recent version of Windows. You should, therefore, retain your existing version and do NOT overwrite it with the one from the CCComp setup.

When installing CCComp, a message asking saying that a program that the installation is trying to overwrite is already in use. What should I do.

Please “Ignore” it and allow the installation to proceed without it. there have not yet been any reports of this causing any problem.

Mode of Operation FAQs

Why does CCComp use the filename to store the entrant, Entry Class and Author information? Why not just use a competitions file?

By using the file name for this data it enables users to submit that data in such a way that the competition administrators do not need to type them all in from e-mail texts etc. The administrator can merely ”Add” the images into the competition from a folder. Where the entrant does not provide this detail and the administrator has to add it, by adding it to the filename, CCComps ensures that it is always available and linked to the image - even if the file is moved. This also helps to protect intellectual property rights surrounding the image.

Why do some images take longer to display than others?

An image that is already the right size (1024x768, say) will only be around one megabyte or less on disk and will not need resizing. It will, therefore, take less than a second to load and display.

Larger files can take exponentially longer times. If the image is a 6 Mbyte one (even if it is JPEG’ed down to one), reading it and expanding it to a bit map takes MORE than six times as long. Also, resizing to the display size will take even longer than the initial read. This can, in extreme cases, result in the image taking several seconds to display.

For this reason, it is important to ask all entrants to use the correct resolution. Where they do not, it is advisable to resize the images for them - providing your club rules and the entrant allow it.

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