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I have added two simple file utilities that can used as you like (under GNU license).

File Lister

This program allows you to select a directory and create two csvs (that can be analyzed by EXCEL) with directory/file data. Both these csvs are created in the next highest folder with the selected folder name in the file name. E.g. if you select c:Windows\System\, the csvs will be created in c:Windows and called System Dir.csv and System FileList.csv. The first (Dir) simply list all the subordinate Directories. The latter lists ALL the files together with there fully qualified directory name, date and size in bytes.  It’s a bit basic but very effective - and fast. - and free!

File Rename

This program allows you to rename the files in a folder using string find/replace functions. E.g. you could change all file “Ian” in all file names in a folder to “Iain”! For my system I have set up a folder called “File Rename” and always move files to that folder and then rename them and then move them back. By copying to that folder and then moving back you can very quickly create duplicate files with different names.

A typical usage would be if you had a keyword in the file name and want to make a blanket change to all such files.

Copyright - Ian Hooker 2008-2020