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Question 1

I've got a few questions concerning the number of images, entrants and club teams.

Assuming Club A has 6 members a, b, c, d, e and f and each member submits 3 images as an individual competitor (that's 18 images a1, a2, a3, b1, b2, b3. c1, c2, c3  etc)

Club A wants to enter one club team

My questions are

1 If Club A wants to enter one club team does club A need to find 3 new members (g, h and i)
2. Can Club A's team  include three of the above individual competitors (eg a, b and c) and the remaining three are counted as individual competitors?
3. If Club A's team includes three of the above (eg a, b and c) can a, b and c also enter as individual competitors?
4. If Club A includes three of the above (eg a, b and c) AND members a, b and c enter as individual competitors then do a, b and c have to submit 3 or 6 images?

Sorry to be so pedantic but I was a little unsure of exactly how this competition was being put together.

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Answer 1

Think of it as, primarilly, an individual’s competition. Any members may enter 3 images. No more, and there’s no point in entering less than three as you would not stand any chance of winning as your aggregate (total) score would be too low.

The club competition rides very much on top of the individual competition. The club “merely” selects three members whose images they feel are the best the club are submitting.  So one member-one entry-three images. One club-three nominated individual members-nine images.

So to try to answer your question:-


No. We would expect it to just select three of their entered members.

  1. Yes. And the entries from the three nominated members would also be used as individual entries. So a, b, c, d, e and f would be individual entries. The images entered by a, b, and c would be the club entry.
  2. Yes they WILL be treated as individual entries as well as club representatives. Total fee would be 30 (6 x 5). It is up to the club whether the fees are paid by the individual members or the club and whether or not the club pays for all entries or just their niominated members.
  3. 3 images per entrant whether they are individual entries only, or individual and club entries. All club nominated entries are treated as individual entries too.


Prior to the competition day, the non-tie-break images will be judged. On the day, ALL tie-break images will be judged at the event. We will then have aggregate totals for all individuals plus each club nominates team. If we have the full complement of about a hundred individual entries, I estimate that several (say, 3-6) entrants could all get the highest score. The tie-breakers from those entrants only will then be compared by the judge and a winner selected. Similar facilities will be available for the club teams where all three tie-breakers per team (one per member in the team) will be judged and a winner chosen. If, say, 20 teams nominate a team, and as the aggregate score is built up from 9 images, I would expect only one or two to have the same high score.