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Please avoid using special characters such as / “ & @ ‘ and * as they are incompatible with Windows or UNIX file names. Failure to follow this could result in a 403 failure during the upload.

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If your club name is not in the drop down list, please select “Not in List” and send an e-mail with your club name to billcooper1@btinternet.com . We will then update your submission and add the club to the list ready for any other entries from your club.

Enter any comments or questions you have for the organizers.

Please advise how you will be paying your entry fee.

For club selected members entries, payment may be made individually by those members, or jointly by the club. The address for cheque payments will be sent to you by e-mail.

Image Selection


All the selected images must be sRGB jpgs with a maximum width of 1400 pixels and a maximum height of 1050 pixels.

It must also be the

Title of the image only

E.g. Mount Everest.jpg

As the submission process will build the file name needed for the competition for you - including your name. It also sends an e-mail to yourself and the organizers confirming your submission, club, e-mail etc.

Now please select your best image to be judged at the Event and to be your Tie Breaker.

Select your next image which will be judged before the Event.

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If you have any technical problems please click here to e-mail me.

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After you hit the submit button below there will be a delay whilst the images are uploaded. As they are likely to total around 5Mb, this delay may be as long as a minute or so dependent on your connection speed.

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